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Sydney Truck Parts staff cannot promise to honour any warranty.

a) Sydney Truck Parts product warranty applies only to Sydney Truck Parts products carrying the XM or Exxtra Mile brand name and part number.

b) Sydney Truck Parts product warranty is limited to Sydney Truck Parts products used within the Commonwealth of Australia and its territories.

c) The product warranty period is 12 months (except for brake linings and clutches which have a separate limited warranty) from the date of sale by Sydney Truck Parts.

d) Sydney Truck Parts products are warranted free from defects in material and workmanship according to these warranty conditions during the product warranty period.

e) Product warranty does not apply to Sydney Truck Parts products if failure is caused by maltreatment, abuse, abrasion, natural wear, improper installation, improper selection or application, vehicle overload, driver error, misuse, fire, accident, collision, incorrect fitment, damage in transit, use of improper or contaminated fuel, fluid or lubricants, failure to properly perform maintenance or service routines as described in the vehicle manufacturers published information, use in speed trials, racing, time trials or other conditions outside the use intended and permitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

f) Product warranty does not apply to Sydney Truck Parts products modified after delivery by Sydney Truck Parts.

g) Product warranty does not apply to adjustment of supplied products or related parts.

h) Product warranty does not apply to consumables including lubricants, coolants, brake/clutch fluids, filters, drive belts, electrical lights, fuses, brushes.


Alternators and Starter motors are subject to a warranty period of 6 months for units fitted to commercial vehicles.

Units subjected to water damage will be rejected immediately.


Sydney Truck Parts obligation under the above warranty and the Trade Practices Act 1974 is limited to the extent that is lawfully permitted to the following:

a) Replacement or repair (at the option of Sydney Truck Parts) of the failed product supplied.

b) No claims for damages, loss of profit, loss of use or costs incurred will be admitted in any circumstances whatsoever.


a) Failure of any product during the warranty period must be immediately notified in writing to Sydney Truck Parts.

b) Sydney Truck Parts will instruct the claimant to either return the failed part or proceed to an authorised repairer for service.

c) Failed parts to be returned to Sydney Truck Parts will be issued with a Goods Return Advice number for reference.

d) Failed parts must be returned freight pre-paid to Sydney Truck Parts clearly marked with the Goods Return Advice reference number.

e) Warranty judgement will issue after Sydney Truck Parts has tested the failed products.

f) Sydney Truck Parts will not pay for repair to supplied products unless such repair is authorised in writing by Sydney Truck Parts.

g) It is the responsibility of Sydney Truck Parts resellers to advise their customers on all aspects of this warranty.